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1 year ago
My wife and I go to glory hole every weekend most guys font know when I'm giving head to them but most don't care as long as the get their nut off especially if it in a mouth that swallows
Biguy 1 year ago
Would love to do this with my wife so she could see me suck cock for the first time
Flgrl 1 year ago
I need a man who loves Dick too… so hot I’m so horny
Noodles 1 year ago
Y does it seem that men suck a better cock than women I've been married for over 30 years and the best blowjob s I've ever had have been by men except when she's loaded then ill put her up against anyone shell even take it in the ass
verspigny 1 year ago
real hot. love gloryholes and swallowing at them. at least we have some left in NYC
Gregg 8 months ago
Had a girlfriend when I was young that would bring men home to fuck me or get their cocks sucked by me! She wouldn’t participate, just watch! Then when they were done she’d ride my cock for a long time! She once brought 3 home & she was turned on so bad, she sucked me & rode me for hours!
Smoothone9 1 year ago
I love to hook up with you and share some cock, I would love the two of you to fuck and let me clean you both up .he could fuck me too..Central Florida...
Long John 34 1 year ago
Damn I wish the whole thing was posted. This is one of few really hot gay-bi videos I've seen here.
Chickenflogger 1 year ago
This is so Hot ,I'm glad its catching on!
Clit dick 1 year ago
I’d suck all night for her.