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Anonymous 4 years ago
She is beautiful. It’s nice to see a woman that body builds instead of just being a worthless slut that just lets herself get fat and ugly. Why call her ugly? She has spent years exercising and looking after herself to become an amazing woman.
I love fbb. 3 years ago
She is beautiful
^_^ 6 years ago
Beautiful, ill love to have children with her, such firm powerful body,yes, ill love to have a strong handjob from her, she can handle strong sex quite well
Bob 3 years ago
Very sexy! I would eat that ass all night long. If she needs a man to be her bitch then sign me up!
Musclebabe 2 years ago
Ugly??? She is so damn beautiful... love that perfectly sculpted buff body!
Neh heh 3 years ago
She make me feel less of a man then i already am...
Urt 4 years ago
So what is she? Sharpener for dicks?
3 years ago
Damn I bet she could rip your dick off with her pussy
ASF 2 years ago
Now she is so hot and Beautiful , I would fuck her several times a day .
Perverse89 3 years ago
Ugly!?! God cursed, seriously!?! What the fucking Jesus Christ you said!?!