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Prolife 3 years ago
This is why I always have the girl put the condom on me. In my experience they don't know how to put it on and it ends up with either no room at the head, accidental hole in it from her nail, a hole at the tip from bring popped, or worn down from being handled too much. In order to teach her a lesson about making sure you put the condom on right I always cum inside her deep so that way she will be more careful about doing it right the next time or she'll get knocked up either way works for me;)
Prolife 2 years ago
If your going to use a condom make sure you only have one at all times and that she puts it on:) that way you can just lie back and let her struggle getting it on you and all the while the struggling effects the reliability of the condom;) which will lead to breaking or leaking:) once it fails in my experience she'll let you go on without it and you can cum deep inside her:) this little trick allowed me to create a few lives;)
fatima 6 years ago
this dick is too big for comdom normal size
Name 7 years ago
The girl at 9 minutes
Bruh who is it?? 5 years ago
Name Surname Class Date 6 years ago
Look the guy behind the glass at 6:24 ahahhahahah
sss 5 years ago
i miss the corresponding cumshots into the Rubbers!
fuck 6 years ago
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Raju 6 years ago
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Bruh 3 years ago
Any one else notice the dude walking in the background @8:24